1. (a) What is an interchange format? (b) Give three examples of interchange for

1. (a) What is an interchange format? (b) Give three examples of interchange formats. (c) What is the signature of a PGM format. Give two examples of the signature. (d) What is patterning in printing? (e) Explain the principle and operation of error diffusion for printing.2. (20 points) In an automated manufacturing, inspection of circuit boards is to be done using a CCD camera (see below). The individual imaging elements (photosites) each has a dimension of 5 by 5 μm (micron) and the spacing between the elements is 1 μm. The circuit board dimensions X=Y= 60 mm, and defects appear as dark circular blobs with diameter of 0.4 mm or larger. The smallest defect must appear in the image as an area of at least 6 by 6 pixels. Assume that available lenses come with focal lengths f of multiple of 25 mm, 35 mm and 50 mm, and the available camera resolutions are multiple of 256 by 256 pixels up to 2048 by 2048 pixels (4 Mpix). Manufacturing requirements dictate that distance between camera and the circuit board must be between Z=200 mm to Z=500 mm (shown below as a double arrow). The image of the board must occupy the whole image plane. You are required to select the lens focal length f , the minimum camera resolution (number of pixels), and the distance Z. Show in reasonable details the analysis that lead to your answers. This assignment does not need any programming.————————————————————————Please follow all the instructions in pdf, q3 & q4 are coding in python. Follow each question asking!
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