Activity = 300 wordsDiscussion = 300 wordsReflection = 300 wordsActivity: Next w

Activity = 300 wordsDiscussion = 300 wordsReflection = 300 wordsActivity: Next week, you’ll learn more about how time in nature can benefit your well-being. Today, consider the following questions about your experience with nature. 1. How easily can you access green spaces, like parks or wilderness, from your home? 2. How often do you find yourself exploring nature?3. What feels different for you when comparing being outside in nature and being indoors? 4. How connected do you feel to the natural world? 5. Where can you find a few minutes each day to look at green or blue spaces2-1: Discussion Responses should be substantive and meaningful.For today’s discussion board post, navigate to EXRX.Net and explore! Find something interesting or surprising and share it with your classmates!2-1: ReflectionRespond to the prompts below to complete today’s class.1. What will you remember from today’s class a year from now?2. Did today’s class clear up any misconceptions or myths about health and fitness?3. What personal barriers to being physically active do you experience, or do you think you might experience later in your life?4. What connections can you make between today’s class and the ideas from the first part of the course?5. When have you enjoyed being physically active the most?6. Why was that enjoyable? 7. How well do you think you have been caring for yourself?8. Considering all the fundamental scientific and behavioral concepts you learned today, what do you think about the phrase “No pain, no pain?”
Requirements: 900