ACTIVITY/PROMPT #1 -Nacirema Article(400 words)After reading this article by Min

ACTIVITY/PROMPT #1 -Nacirema Article(400 words)After reading this article by Minor please answer the following questions:What are your initial impressions of the Nacirema people and their culture?
Do you find any of their beliefs or practices strange? Why/why not?
Do you find any of their beliefs or practices familiar? Why/why not?
Identify at least one example of “material” and one example of “non-material” culture in this article.
Without knowing anything else about the Nacirema people where do you think this culture is located?
Why are we reading this article this week?ACTIVITY/PROMPT #2 – Violate a Social Folkway(400words)Sometime this week, violate a social folkway of your choice. Tell us about your experience with this activity here. What folkway did you choose to violate? How did people react? How did it make you feel to violate a social norm in this way?NOTE: Your choice of which folkway to violate CANNOT pose serious harm to yourself or others!!! Please be safe and sensible when completing this exercise.If you need to post initially here later in the week, that’s ok.PROMPT #3 – Culture vs. Subcultures(400words)This week we’ve learned about how group memberships matter to our sense of self. This prompt is intended to get a conversation started about this topic.Why are Deer Hunters (as described in the readings for this week) considered to be a subculture as opposed to a counterculture? Are you familiar with the workings of this subculture? Are you a member of this group? What supports or barriers do you perceive to you joining this subculture?What (other) subcultures do you belong to? How do your memberships in subculture groups provide you with a sense of belonging and group membership? What are some of the characteristics of your subculture membership that make your group distinct from the larger culture? (e.g., what symbols, gestures, rituals, values, norms, etc. distinguish your group?) In all, I would like us to discuss the various nuances to group membership here – what are the implications of the importance of groups in society and how do you see this illuminated in your own life?Article by Miner:
Requirements: 400 words