CAPSTONE PROJECT CHARTEROVERVIEW 1. Assignment Background and Description In ord

CAPSTONE PROJECT CHARTEROVERVIEW 1. Assignment Background and Description
In order to complete this assignment successfully, you will need to develop a suitable business case and project
charter. You may use the Internet to research a case for your project proposal, but you must cite your sources. The
case needs to be elaborate enough to identify a need for a project, identify the resources available for the project,
and describe the strategic objectives of the business.
The scope of your project proposal needs to be large enough, and have enough complexity, to be able to be used to
assess your project management abilities as outlined in the learning outcomes of the course outline. It also needs to
be large enough to justify the need for a project team consisting of two to four people.
You should have some knowledge or experience in the project subject area, or at least have access to someone who
does. If your project is selected, your next step (Assignment 2A) will be to create a detailed WBS and project scope,
so you should keep this in mind while developing your business case.
Each student will create and submit a unique project charter to the PMO (Project Management Office aka your
faculty) for approval. The project proposal needs to be a new project, or a substantially different project than what you
may have done in the previous semester.
You will create a 5 minute recorded presentation where you will present your project proposal to the PMO. This will
be your sales pitch to try to convince the PMO to approve your project. The PMO has limited resources, so you
should focus on the factors that influence project selection.
The PMO will select the best proposals from all the submissions, and then assign a project to each group. Groups will
be determined during a future class, and will be limited to three people. There may be exceptions for a four-member
group, but the scope of the project will need to justify the need to have four members.
2. High-Level Requirements
Business case: The case needs to clearly describe the business and its needs, the resources the business has
available for any project work, and the strategic objectives of the business. This can be a case of your creation, or
one you have discovered elsewhere, but you must cite your sources.
Charter: The charter must include all the elements in section 4.1.3 of the PMBOK. Remember that your charter must
convince the project sponsors to approve the project, so you should make the strongest case possible. You must use
the charter template from the Book of Forms as a starting point, but may tailor it (add components) to better suite
your specific case scenario.
Assumption Log: You also need to include an assumption log. At this point, the assumption log will contain any
assumptions you have had to make in order to create your charter. The assumptions need to be clearly stated, and
be actionable. The actions should be assignable as tasks.
Presentation: You will need to create and record a 5 minute presentation where you will convince the PMO to
approve your project. Remember, you are competing with all of the other project submissions for access to resources
for your project. The video needs to be submitted in MP4 format. 3. Deliverables
A single MS Word document containing a “Title Page”, a “Table of Contents” generated by MS Word, a “Business
Case”, a completed “Project Charter”, and an “Assumption Log”.
A 5 minute video presentation of your project proposal. You must be visible in the video.…NO PLAGARISM PLEASE FOLLOW RUBICS CHART MARKSHEET
Requirements: 1500