Dream Pet ��Changes to the descriptionPeriodic updates about this description ma

Dream Pet ��Changes to the descriptionPeriodic updates about this description may appear here. Your program should behave exactly like the examples given. More examples may be published. More test cases will be released gradually.*UPDATE 1* There was a typo in GAME_START_BANNER It is fixed now, please reset your workspace to scaffold after submission or use this: GAME_START_BANNER = “n===================================GAME START====================================”RestrictionsNo user-defined functions, no classes
Do not import any modules
Problem descriptionYou are writing an interactive program for your best friend, a pet lover. Unfortunately, your friend’s parents prohibited them from getting a pet, so they could only retreat to the digital world and resort to writing their own pet simulation. However, their imagination exceeds their capabilities as their programming skills are somewhat lackluster. Can you please help them and write a pet simulation game?The target program simulates the process of a player interacting with his/her pet(s) and ends when the player leaves the house. Within the house, there are pets and rooms. l There are 3 rooms: the living room, the kitchen, and the garden. The player starts in the living room. Then, they move to the kitchen, back to the living room, and finally to the garden. They will perform different actions in each room. The game ends in the garden.
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