Final Research Paper RequirementsYour research paper is limited to 8 pages of te

Final Research Paper RequirementsYour research paper is limited to 8 pages of text. Appendices are for corroborating images, tables, or other objects to clarify paper content.
Research papers cannot contain errors of spelling, grammar, or punctuation. Proofread carefully.
Research papers must include an abstract no longer than 120 words.
All research papers must use APA style found detailed in the APA Style Manual. (Links to an external site.) This manual dedicates a number of pages to style details that will help your paper look more professional.
All research papers must be submitted in Microsoft Word format, with a .doc or .docx suffix. No other formats are acceptable.
All research papers must include no fewer than 15 scholarly resources.
Wikipedia or other similar, generic databases may not be included as references. Such sources are not considered scholarly or from learned sources.
Research papers may include images appropriate to the paper’s content as an appendix.
All papers must be submitted to prior to posting publically in the designated discussion board.
Submitting your paper to the Online Writing Center for help with editing is a good idea.
The completed paper is due in the designated discussion board no later than End of Week 8. There is a 10% discount for each day late.
About the Topic: Paper topics must be specific and appropriate for paper length. The research question must be posted in the designated discussion board for review no later than week 4. The paper must answer the research question in a straightforward manner that is clearly discernible to the average, college educated reader. The topic must approach the research question from an applied, rather than theoretical, perspective. ONLY current topics are acceptable.Examples of research questions:What are the caveats of different leadership styles?
What is the impact of Confucian philosophy on current leader trends?
What techniques can leaders use to increase the voice of the out-group?
What are the benefits of using directive leadership?
What is the importance of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s leader model?
What leader lessons can modern leaders learn from Queen Victoria?
What lessons can our class pass along to the current U.S. Presidential administration?
What can we learn from leaders who followed a path-goal style of leadership?
Requirements: 2000 words