For this week’s discussion prompt I want you to do some digging (a fun, more adv

For this week’s discussion prompt I want you to do some digging (a fun, more adventurous-sounding way of saying “research”) and think about a particular play that really embodies this idea of the collapsed or blurred genre and present a summary of it here for your classmates. Rather than focus on works that are obviously or purely tragic (sad, depressing, chaotic, negative, etc.) or comedic (totally non-serious, topically light, vapid, or shallow), I want you to try and find works that complicate those boundaries and genre distinctions. For your submission please include the following information:1) The name of the play, when it was written, and by who. As well as the year it was first produced on stage2) A short summary of the play’s narrative/plot3) Why or how the work complicates distinct genres, and, if possible, what specific genres are being challenged, brought into conversation with one another, or completely re-tooled4) The possible implications of the work, in terms of its story, how it treats certain issues (for example, a play about HIV that confronts it in humorous ways), and the way it deals with genre5) Your thoughts on whether or not the “toying” with genre featured in the play serves a productive purpose, and why or why not. For example, you could consider the play we are currently reading as a class, A Raisin in the Sun. How does the play’s treatment of a struggling Black family in the mid-20th century treat racial inequality? Struggle? Class issues? Is it 100% tragic in nature, or are there lighter elements present? And if so, how do those elements alter both the story and the ways in which the audience may interpret it?
Requirements: 150-200 words