INTERNSHIP REPORT word and PowerPoint slide at Aramco Company in Saudi Arabia In

INTERNSHIP REPORT word and PowerPoint slide at Aramco Company in Saudi Arabia Internship Site: R&DC- Oil Gas Network Integrity Intern position: coop student my major: computer engineering Cover page should include the following: Name of university, college and department
Title: it should be indicative of internship experience
Employer name
Name of internship advisor
Name and ID number of student
Submission date
Executive summary (in one page)
Detailed table of contents
Company background (three pages): should describe the nature of the company’s activities, size, vision, mission, and organization chart focusing on the unit which you have been working at.
SWOT analysis
Organizational marketing strategy
Organizational competitive strategy
Job history: A table showing major assignments and the timeframe for each and narrative description
Conceptual framework (i.e., current literature review) that provides a basis for the technical part
Technical part reflecting actual projects undertaken or problems handled and methodological used, limitations, finding, and suggested solutions
Evaluation of the internship experience
Summary of findings and recommendations
List of references
Appendices (all other documents submitted such as Log book, Progress reports)
please see the files I attached and before you start working on it I will send all logs and monthly reports to help you. If you have any questions, I will help you to understand them better and solve them. thank you
Requirements: I do not know   |   .doc file