Interview RN leader or RN Discuss a health care policy that has been implemented

Interview RN leader or RN
Discuss a health care policy that has been implemented within the health care setting of the RN. Discuss only one policy. Cannot do Covid prevention
Cannot do hand hygiene.
Identify the roles and responsibilities of regulatory agencies and their effect on patient care quality. Which professional organizational web site did you utilize to research the health care policy? Examples include CMS, Joint Commission, etc. Please use this source to back up the policy.
Collect outcomes data on the policy implemented to provide evidence for quality improvement in your clinical setting. Data must have measurable outcomes.
Discuss the implications of the healthcare policy on issues of access, affordability, and social justice in healthcare delivery.
Discuss your awareness of quality improvement, the health care policy implemented, and fiscal responsibility for improving quality of healthcare delivery.
Identify personal, professional, and environmental risks that impact personal and professional choices and behaviors related to the policy.
Use an ethical framework to evaluate the impact of the policy on health care for individuals, families and communities.
Identify how the nursing process is involved in political processes and legislative efforts to influence healthcare policy.
Support quality improvements, policies, quality initiatives and data with quality references.
3 references is a minimum.
length-4-5 pages
Major Components of Paper
Good-shows good control over
this aspect
Meets all content criteria: 1. Health care policy
2. Regulatory
3.Outcomes data
4. Implications
6.Risks 7.Ethical 8. Nursing Process
Use of Evidence-based Sources
(Includes professional
Exceeds required number of
relevant, credible, and scholarly evidence based references. Those selected vary in type and include
seminal sources on the topic. References included are beyond course
Mechanics of Writing
(spelling, grammar)
Integrates creative approach
that enhances the presentation and is appropriate to the audience. Entire text flows smoothly with clear
transitions. Entire document is well organized. Sentence structure varies
appropriately. No errors in grammar and/or punctuation.
complies with APA format and guidelines with very rare error.
Requirements: Page length-4-5 pages