Last week we had Mark Meelhuesen shared his insights into Process Improvement. P

Last week we had Mark Meelhuesen shared his insights into Process Improvement. Please copy and paste the following link in order to see Mark’s profile and more interesting info were your three key takeaways from class? How can you implement what you learned in class in your everyday life?Be creative and have fun with the assignment. Note: Please feel free to use your imagination based in your Process Improvement’s knowledge and the noted that I will leave below for you in order to complete this task. Here are the notes that I took from that presentation:Theoretically The methods to discover the reason everythingWhat is a Root Cause Analysis?Is an approach used to analyze serious problems before trying to solve them.Why does RCA matter?Prevents repeat issues
Ends slapping bandaids on’ and focuses on permanent solutions
Protects value creation process
Reduces risks of adverse events and lawsuit
Increases trust in you, your company, or brand image
Improved workplace safety and culture
Will directly improve your life and your chances of success
Different kinds of RCAFishbone
5 Why’s
RCA Diagram
FishboneMATERIALS. Consistent . Supplied on time METHODS. Clarity . ControlledMEASUREMENTS . Where do we quality check?MACHINESENVIRONMENTPERSONNEL. Training5–Why’s Invented by Sakichi Toyoda
Used in Toyota Production System
Diagram Practical Application of RCAProject is over-budget
Missed deadline
Low morale and high turnover
Machine failure
Workplace accident
Students Group assignment only has 50 percent of people engaged Personal Application of RCARelationships
Life Events
RCA – Quick and Dirty 5 Why’s – Scenario RCA – 5 Why’s Example, Bad ExampleBib slipped on some oil. Why?Activity – 5 Why’s RCAFlat TireWhy?..
Exp.Root – Cause – Flat TireWhy?-potholes avoid constructions, don’t drive at the sidewalks
Requirements: No words length requirement but please make sure to provide me with a very good and complete work please