Learning Goal: I’m working on a civil engineering question and need an explanati

Learning Goal: I’m working on a civil engineering question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.1. (6 points) Review the site development plans and estimate the construction cost of the following based on the given square foot costs which include materials, labor and equipment, overhead, and profit.a. b. c.requirements stated in the Seminole County Public Works Engineering Manual (available online). Look up this document and find the diagram T-4 which illustrates requirement for driveways that are connected to a two-way street. Determine the required radius for the concrete drive approach shown on the site plan.(6 points) The exterior walls of the Moonian office building are 8x8x 16 inch CMUs (concrete masonry units). Estimate the number of CMUs needed to construct the building exterior walls. When doing this estimate, account for the window and door openings. Include 5% additional allowance for cut and waste.
(6 points) Estimate the amount (cubic yards) of concrete needed to construct the building foundation wall footings and slab. There are no interior columns or interior bearing walls. Base your calculations on Detail 1, sheet D1. Disregard references to Detail 16, sheet D1 at windows. Include 5% additional allowance for waste.
(6 points) A client has asked you to build an exact duplicate of the Moonian office building in the City of Melbourne, FL. She has found a parcel of land near downtown Melbourne zoned R-P (Residential/Professional Office). The land parcel is 75-feet wide and 75-feet deep (see figure below). Research the City of Melbourne Land Development Code and Building Code requirements to find answers to the following:What are the minimum building setback requirements (front, rear, sides) for this property? Will you be able to fit the office building on this land?
An office building is considered a commercial building by the City of Melbourne. Knowing this, determine the current required building codes (building, electrical, mechanical, and fire protection) with which the building design has to comply.
Brevard County has created a Wind Speed Mapping System to assist in determining the windspeed zones of properties located in the County. Look up the wind map and determine the wind
The concrete walkways on the North and East side of the property ($4.75 per square foot). The concrete driveway approach on Eight Street ($6.20 per square foot).The asphalt parking lot ($3.45 per square foot).2. (6 points) Site development features in Seminole County Florida have to comply with the design zone in which the City of Melbourne is located.Existing buildingExisting building75 ftFlorida Tech Ave75 ftExisting building
Requirements: As the instructions say, it doesn’t have to be more than that.