Learning Goal: I’m working on a civil engineering writing question and need supp

Learning Goal: I’m working on a civil engineering writing question and need support to help me learn.At the August 26 lecture, three employer sectors were discussed as organizations that hire civil engineers. In this homework exercise, research six employer websites: two from the private-sector, two from the public-sector, and two non-profit organizations in formulating your response to this assignment. Feel free to use any of the employers presented as examples in the August 26 lecture slides (numbers 5 thru 9) in your research. Employers outside of these examples are also encouraged as response to this assignment.This assignment requests the following information:Employer name, corporate (or headquarters) address, and website address.
Copy and paste that employer’s mission statement. If a mission statement is not specifically stated as such, review the page that might be labeled as “about us” or “who we are” for that particular content. Use the print screen function to paste the page in your response. To capture the image, use the keys Alt + PrtScn in Windows and Command+Shift+4 in MacOS.
After reading the employer’s mission statement, state whether you believe it aligns with the NSPE Code of Ethics. Explain why by either citing specific text correlation or statements you think are similar to that in the NSPE code.
Discuss if you believe this employer’s mission statement aligns with your Code of Ethics as presented in your response to the previous homework assignment. Explain why you think they align.
Specifically state whether you would like to work for this employer and why. Please note that you do not have answer yes to this question. An explanation is needed regardless of answer.
Develop your response in a summary paper. Present your responses as answers to the five question statements noted above. Upload your paper response in PDF format to Canvas. For grading purposes, the paper should present a total of six employers. Context will count for 42 points in this assignment or 7 points for each employer. Grammar and spelling will count for 8 points.
Requirements: just answer the questions no specific length