Learning Goal: I’m working on a english writing question and need support to hel

Learning Goal: I’m working on a english writing question and need support to help me learn.Follow the specific questions (located below) for guidance. You may use each as a header (see APA format). It is required that written assignment be 4 pages in length. It is recommended that each written assignment be submitted using APA format,12-point Times New Roman font, appropriate spacing, and 1-inch margins with cover sheet and reference page Needs assessment of a low income community hard to access to health care services Name the community about which your team will be focusing and briefly explain why your team chose this particular community.
What are the geographic or social boundaries within which your community exists? What are the different groups/subgroups in your community (e.g., neighborhoods, cliques, factions, etc)? What is the demographic composition of your community (e.g., numbers, gender, ethnicity/race, marital status, etc.)? CITE
What are the influences that cause tension to this problem? What are the power structures within your community? (e.g.: informal and formal sources of power and influences) Describes who else cares and what do they care about?
Describe the evidence [data] that argues that the problem should be a priority issue. (e.g. community-level indicators, deaths, frequency, number of people affected, feasibility to address issue, consequences if not addressed, can use graphs, charts, imagery)
Solution discussion – Discuss barriers (can use ‘I’ to describe evaluation or interpretation of assessment.) Why is this happening and what gets in the way of a successful solution? (can discuss how there seems to be no solution or a successful strategy as yet to be discovered) Reflect! It will lead you to the consideration of another problem or goal, and the cycle begins again.
In conclusion, based on the assessment, state the priority issue(s) to be addressed by the group in a short, concise pitch. In a final pitch define the need of the community in a concise short “elevator pitch” sort of way. (can use formal paragraph conclusion or can use bullet points or numerical order)
Requirements: 4 pages