Learning Goal: I’m working on a hospitality writing question and need an explana

Learning Goal: I’m working on a hospitality writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.1.As I create this discussion question, I see two groups of hospitality, recreation and tourism consumers, and really across society. You might consider these two perspectives as just a few more points of division among our society. We have gender and sexuality, we have the issue of choice, we have race, we have age, we can add religion, and of course politics, etc, etc, etc.. NOW, here comes covid 19 and the issues of shutting down for safety’s sake, vs opening up our economy/society; wearing masks vs the personal choice to not.To ME (Haze) this dynamic can be interpreted as a take on the “have’s and have not(s)” or rather, those who have had covid 19 and/or are not in a high risk category, and/or have been vaccinated, and thus feel they are ready to get going with what they would consider normal life w/o social distancing and such….VERSUS…..Those who have NOT contracted coronavirus, do NOT want to contract the virus, and (vaccinated or not) would like to see social distancing, masks and other restricive measure remain in place. The assumption here is that the health and safety trumps economic activity during a pandemic. You can also inlcude those who support eveyone taking the vaccine, vs those who do not want to. With all of this division, how any particular hospitaltiy, recreation or rec therapy operation markets themselves and addresses these issues, may have a direct impact on WHO patronizes their operation, or who does not. Are YOU ready to engage in hospitality, recreation and tourism fully, or are YOU one who thinks we should slow down on the opening up and keep things in at least a limited capacity, at least a little longer?
Which side of the above equation are you on, and why? If you are not comfortable responding to this then do not.
What challenges does this polariztion in our socitety pose for marketers who, in theory, seek to maximize thier target market business DESPITE the individual beliefes of the guests.
How, when might “cancel culture” impact how a hospitaltiy, recreation business markets its goods and services, and to whom it will market to?… SHOULD It matter? (hint, gain some economies here as one of your article submisisons is on cancel culture. Feel free to double dip on the effort).
Specifically weave (and cite) into your response appropriate terms and concepts from chapter 6.
2.Article Searches #1:Accurately site your article, BRIEFLY summarize the content, and offer a quick explanation as to why you selected the articles that you choose.
Specifically, and directly relate the article content to course competencies and topics. This narrative can be used to affirm or contradict course content, but you must provide sufficient support for your remarks. Specifically, and directly relate the article content to current course competencies and topics.
What were two golden points, or critical content aspects of your article that resonated with you? Relate those aspects directly and specifically to course content to date.
You must also thoughtfully relate your professional and/or related personal experience to the articles in your submission.
Additional specific instructions may accompany the assignment as posted on Canvas. Final grade includes quality of written submission, addressing the aforementioned requirements, and overall depth of thought and conclusions. Peer remarks may also be required.
Article Search #1 – Due Week 5. Best Researched and Observable Practices for a Recreation, Hospitality or Recreation Therapy operation as it navigates the impact of covid-19. You may choose from any one or two of the myriad of management functions: sales and marketing, operations, service adjustments, scheduling and HR mgt, creative and unique service optimizations, social distancing implementation, etc. How has Covid impacted how hospitality and leisure companies market their goods and services?Due NLT Thursday, Sept 16th. 50 points.Two pages maximum of content, not including title or reference page.
Requirements: totally 3 pages long