Learning Goal: I’m working on a philosophy presentation and need a sample draft

Learning Goal: I’m working on a philosophy presentation and need a sample draft to help me learn.You are supposed to select a philosopher and prepare a presentation that includes the following information, which is listed in the Course Syllabus:The philosopher’s birth and death dates
The philosopher’s social context (What was happening at the time the person lived, and how may this have affected her or his work?)
The philosopher’s contributions to philosophy (and, perhaps, beyond)
The philosopher’s influence on philosophy (and, perhaps, beyond)
The philosopher’s significance (Why do we study this person today?)
The philosopher’s relation to topic(s) we cover in this course
At least one surprising fact you learned about her or him
Works Cited
Your presentation must last at least three minutes but not more than five minutes.To upload your presentation file(s), click the “Add Content” button below and add your presentation file(s).Because this course fulfills the college’s Speaking-across-the-Curriculum requirement, all students must submit a presentation that includes audio. Most students fulfill this requirement by preparing a PowerPoint presentation with audio files embedded or added alongside the PowerPoint file.Here are two options for you to record audio to accompany your presentation:1. Record audio in the PowerPoint itself. When you upload your PowerPoint file, the audio will be included.2. Record audio with a smartphone or recording device. Then, upload that audio file in addition to your PowerPoint presentation.i will record the audio once you finish the presentation however id like for you to verify that the audio does add up according to the requirements listed
Requirements: complete with 100%   |   .doc file