Learning Goal: I’m working on a psychology question and need an explanation to h

Learning Goal: I’m working on a psychology question and need an explanation to help me learn.WRITER YOU ARE DOING SUCH AS GREAT JOB ACCORDING TO THE PROFESSOR i WILL SEND OVER WHAT WAS SAID OOOK LISTEN WE ARE READY COMPLETED 5 PAGES TODAY I AM PAYING FOR 10 MORE PAGES OK SO START FROM WHERE YOU LET OFF OKKKK LISTEN WE WILL NEED A TOTAL OF 30 TO 35 WITH 130 REFERENCES OK I BELIEVE I SENT IT OVER TO U ALREADY SO IF YOU WANNA GET START AND FINISH IT THAT WILL BE GREAT BUT I WILL NEED THAT MANY AND I WILL PAY FOR ANOTHER 10 NEXT WEEK THANK YOU SO MUCH I APPRECIATE YOU.Assignment 2: Review and Revise M3 Assignment 2 This module, you will review and revise your Outline/Timeline for your Dissertation/Applied Research study submitted in M3 Assignment 2.Review the feedback provided by your Research Chair concerning your Outline/Timeline. Make any revisions necessary to your Outline/Timeline and resubmit these to the Dropbox. This refinement process will continue throughout this course and culminate in DR8801-B M6 Assignment 2; therefore, if necessary, continue to write your Outline and submit any sections/subsections identified in your Timeline for completion in this module and each module that leads up to the final module using the revision assignment Dropboxes (Assignment 2). Remember to include an appropriately formatted Table of Contents/Working Draft and References for your work. The Outline should include the following:Evidence of a framework that supports your proposed research.Headings and subheadings that organizes your Literature/Information Sources.Prior research which is clearly delineated.Major theorists or historical accounts that inform your topic and support the existence of the problem and/or importance of your research.A timeline for completion of each section/subsection over the remaining modules.Submission Details:By Saturday, July 29, 2017, save your report as M5_A2_Lastname_Firstname.doc and submit the document to the M5 HELLO WRITER PLEASE LOOK BELOW TO SEE WHAT MY PROFESSOR IS SAYING OK PLEASE READ BEFORE PROCEEDING LET ME KNOW THAT YOU RECEIVED THE MESSAGE….LISTEN I APPRECIATE YOU LETS MOVE FORWARD.Your research question is: What Is the Association between Substance Abuse and Sexual Trauma among Homeless Adolescents? Nothing more. The additional questions are not operationally capable to address your topic. Please stick to using only this question. Your hypothetic statements should be framed based upon the question above along with shaping your literature review.
Requirements: 10 pages