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Link to data: employer has asked you to run some analyses on COVID-19 vaccine distribution to San Francisco residents. The data can be found on DATASF (“COVID-19 Vaccine Doses Given to San Franciscans by Demographics Over Time “) and is updated daily. Your job is to fully understand the problem and the current state of the data. Your assignment is to investigate and answer some new questions.These questions should be answered in your R Notebook. Each question should start on a new page. All answers need to be computed using R code. For the purposes of the following questions, ignore all variables in the data set that begin with “CUMULATIVE”1. Explain any difficulties you encountered getting the data read into RStudio. Explain why you chose to read it directly from the online repository versus downloading the file and using it locally (or vice versa). 2. The analysis is to work with the data since December 2020. How many first doses had there been before the COVID-19 restrictions lifted on June 15th in SF? How many first doses had there been after the lifting? How many first doses had there been as of September 12th, 2021?3. Repeat question 2 by breaking it down by type of vaccine (single-dose versus those that require two doses). 4. Since December 2020, what month had the highest number of vaccinations doses, regardless of type? What month had the lowest number of vaccinations? Interpret any seasonal patterns.5. Create one visualization that shows the first doses by racial demographic over time.6. Create one visualization that shows the administering of a) first dose of a two-dose vaccine, b) second dose of a two-dose vaccine, and c) first dose of a single-dose vaccine, all over time.
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