My name is Schlinder FleuryAnd this is discussion board 11. Develop a response t

My name is Schlinder FleuryAnd this is discussion board 11. Develop a response to this question.Identify some specific ethical or social responsibility issues that might be faced by small-business managers and employees in one of the following areas: environment, customers, employees, and investors.
Initial Post:To start your initial post, you will create a new thread.
Please name your post using the discussion board number and your last name (e.g., Discussion Board 4, Clemons). That way everyone knows to whom they are responding.
Make certain that you have answered ALL parts of the question completely.
Your post MUST be approximately 300 words in length.
Your post MUST reference the textbook, meaning you have to support your opinion with what you read in that chapter to solidify your point of view and use an in-text reference to the chapter.
Do NOT copy and paste direct quotes as your reference.
When citing (which is required), you MUST use MLA format for in-text citations and include a Works Cited at the end.
Please use standard English with proper grammar, punctuation, spelling, and complete sentences in a paragraph format in your post
REFRAIN from attaching your post via a Word document.
Reply Guidelines:You MUST reply to at least three of your classmates’ posts and answer questions that your fellow classmates may have to get minimum credit for participation.
Type the name of the other student upon whose post you are commenting. For example, “Helen, you’re correct about the entrepreneurs giving back to the community. The entrepreneurs contributing 3% of the net profit helped the community’s efforts to establish an afternoon program for latch key children…….”
Your reply MUST be at least one paragraph (minimum of 4 sentences).
If you do not reply to a total of three classmates, you will receive a 0. There is no partial credit for discussion boards.
That means if you only post your initial post, initial post and one response, or initial post and two responses you will receive a 0, because the assignment is not completed.
Each reply should be substantive and apply critical thinking.
That means you MUST go beyond a courtesy response of “great post” or “nice job” to stimulate additional dialog and discussion. Reply messages such as “I agree” or “I disagree” do not count.
If possible, you should select a post that has not been reviewed.
Your writing should follow the MLA Handbook style. Proof your work carefully.
Requirements: good   |   .doc file