Please write a 1-page analysis on the information the speaker presented and what

Please write a 1-page analysis on the information the speaker presented and what stood out most to you from this presentation. Here are the notes that i took from the presentation, please feel free to use your imagination along with the notes to fulfill this assignment.SPEAKER PROFILETara Lea is the Executive Director of the Fremont Area Chamber of Commerce, a position she has held since August 1, 2016. In that role, Lea manages the strategic, fiscal and programmatic goals for the Fremont Chamber of Commerce. She also serves as the spokesperson for the Chamber throughout the region. With almost 600 members the Fremont Area Chamber is the sixth largest and one of the oldest Chambers in the state of Nebraska.Lea previously served as the President of the Ralston Area Chamber of Commerce, a 275-member organization dedicated to creating business and community vitality. She had a very active role in creating the Ralston 20 Year Development Plan. Prior to joining the Chamber industry, Tara was employed at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Professional Golf Management program as the Educational Specialist recruiting students from across the country to make Nebraska their home.Tara has served as a board member for a variety of civic and government organizations. She was elected to the Nebraska Chamber of Commerce Executives and the Mid America Chamber of Commerce Executives Board of Directors by her peers and is the currently past chairman of both organizations. Lea has been recognized for both service and professional leadership through the Midlands Business Journals 40 under 40 Leadership Award.Ms. Lea earned her Bachelors of Journalism in Broadcasting and a Master’s in Educational Leadership from the University of NebraskaPRESENTATION NOTESHow to prepare a verbal or written message/presentation?You need to figure out your main ideaYou have to get your experts and the people you are going to interviewFinally, you have to make the interview happen in the most professional possible way.Tara makes a lot of public speaking, at least twice a week.The getting awesome at communicating plan…Identify strategiesWhat makes a good presentation?Match the message to the audienceMatch the content and delivery to the purposeDeliver in clear and engaging messagePreparing a presentation 3 Step PlanPlan – Develop – WritePlanDetermine occasion and goal
Learn about the audience
Room size, equipment, time constraints, and other speakers
Type of speech/document
Outline the presentation – Intro, topic, clarify your opinion, identify key messages and then establish logical sequence
Identify information or research required to support key points
1st for content, organization, style
2nd for mechanical errors
3rd of nonroutine and complex
DevelopWriteIntroductionQuote – What if? – ImagineQuestion – Silence – Stat – Powerful StatementYou have to catch your audience attention since the first moment of your presentation. A question could be a good example idea of how to achieve so.DiscussionPresent your main topics using stats, details, and analysisTo stir emotion, let your enthusiasm and sincerity showUse vivid languagePersonalize your message through anecdotes or examplesConclusionIt is always fun to finish with some kind of memorable statement. Something that really catches your audience in full.PracticeDon’t be afraid to practice, it is always so useful and listening to yourself or having someone to present it to is actually a great idea to go with more confidence and relaxation to your presentationThings practiceStand upright and relaxedMake eye contact with people in various parts of the roomTry to gesture an average of twice in each sentenceTurn your torso yo face various parts of the audienceUse volume, pitch, and emphasize to maximize your messageAnxietyPublic speaking is statically proven as one of the scariest things to do in the USADon’t be nervousGain controlPracticing and visualizing the presentationConnecting with the audienceConverting the nervousness into positive energyMaintaining a sense of humorRealizing that the audience wants you to succeedKnowing it is okay to pause to gather your thoughtsProofreadUse spell check to locate simple keying errors and repeated wordsPrint a draft of the documentProofread several timesIn a cover letter you want to grab the attention in the first sentence Some bullet points in cover letters work very nicely.She was afraid at first to public speaking but then she went professional in communications and she’s actually not afraid to go on with businesses and companies and getting them into the team.Chamber commerce work with all the business in Fremont for example new insurance policies and basically helps to make your business stronger. Is an organization who supports the business community.Her favorite part is meeting new people every dayAround 600 crowd speaking
Requirements: At least 1 page long