Prepare the first section of your DYOP (Design Your Own Plan), which covers GOAL

Prepare the first section of your DYOP (Design Your Own Plan), which covers GOAL SETTING. Be sure to utilize the information contained in Engineering Fundamentals: An Introduction to Engineering, other course assignments, and class discussions. Cite references as appropriate.You should approach this project by evaluating where a “world-class” Engineering Champion for Christ would be for each of the topics addressed and what you are implementing to achieve this goal. The method involves 1) understanding what the research says is effective, 2) evaluating your current performance/practices against the research, 3) identifying areas for improvement based on the evaluation, 4) developing a plan for closing the gap, and 5) implementing the plan. Be sure to consider how you’re going to stay accountable.Submit the DYOP in pdf form no later than the date / time indicated. Your submission should be a minimum of three pages in length, double spaced, with one-inch margins. Start early, make steady progress, use the resources at your disposal, and submit on time to receive full credit!Your GOAL SETTING paper should include learning/observations/research from the following:Interview two people as part of the research for this paper. In your discussion, you should talk about their goals, what they suggest would be some good goals for you to set, and how to be successful in the engineering program. Your interviewees should include practicing engineers, junior/senior level engineering students, engineering lab techs, freshman mentors, engineering faculty, or engineering professional advisors.
Discuss your goals for this semester … this school year … graduation … post-graduation. Write your goals in the form of SMART goalsSMART Goals
How will you successfully achieve each of your goals? In other words, what’s your plan? What will you put in place to hold yourself accountable?
What are you passionate about and how does this relate to you studying engineering? How would you describe your level of perseverance when it comes to studying engineering? Perseverance is related to practice and hope. How can you strengthen your perseverance? Assess yourself on Angela Duckworth’s Grit Scale and reflect on the results.Grit Scale Self-Assessment
Would you say that you tend to have a fixed mindset or growth mindset? Think about the way you deal with challenges and obstacles. What is your view about effort? How do you deal with criticism? How do you view other peoples’ success? Which mindset do you think would bring a person more success and more happiness in life? If you see some fixed mindset traits in yourself, what could you do to change your mindset? Assess yourself on Carol Dweck’s Mindset Interactive Quiz and reflect on the results.Mindset Interactive Quiz
Review section 1.2-1.4 of Engineering Fundamentals: An Introduction to Engineering. Which of the engineering disciplines is most appealing to you? What appeals to you about this discipline? Money? Prestige? Challenging work? Making a difference. Reflect on your choices and why they are important to you.
Search the Liberty University website and make a list of at academic resources available to students. Pick two or three of the resources and describe the nature of the resource (name, location, URL, hours of operation) and the services available. Reflect on how you can utilize these resources in the future to aid you on your journey to becoming a master student.
Requirements: 3 pages