Project 1: Memoir and Analysis PART 1: (3-5 pages) Story telling is one way in w

Project 1: Memoir and Analysis PART 1: (3-5 pages) Story telling is one way in which we convey the lessons of our experience. Often, our individual experiences can teach audiences about a larger community. For this assignment, construct a short memoir about an aspect of your identity that speaks to the issues of a larger community. In particular, use an event to illustrate how this aspect of your identity and the community can be misunderstood or stereotyped. Through your story, uncover common assumptions and teach your audience how to better understand your community.Some important parts of our identity:Sexuality
Education level
Family structure
As you write, pay attention to the stylistic and rhetorical choices you make in trying to communicate with your audience. Do NOT be boring! Make sure you make use of dialogue, imagery, figurative language, etc. in order to engage your audience. *You also have the option to mimic another writer’s style (instructions on this will be given in lecture). PART 2: (2 pages) Analyze the choices you made while constructing your ***narrative, paying special attention to your audience’s values. What are your audience values and how do you appeal to these values with your choices? How were your choices effective for your purpose and audience? Consider your organization, word choice, sentence structure, imagery, etc. If you mimicked another author, how was this appropriate? Make sure to follow academic paragraph structure in this analysis: topic sentence, example (quote), explanation, and significance. *** This is the my NARRATIVE choice,…(Please find the attache EXAMPLE)
Requirements: Follow all the instructions