Select one famous person from the history of Public Health and describe this per

Select one famous person from the history of Public Health and describe this person. Thinking Upstream is a fairly recent public health term. Describe how the person from public health history you described was ahead of their time by implementing thinking upstream. That is, what did they do that is considered thinking upstream?
The Nies and McEwen text includes a Case Study 15-1: Application of International Community Assessment in Chapter 15. Read this case study and describe one aspect that cultural care was implemented in the case study.
Explain one way that the Public Health Nursing Scope and Standards (from assigned reading) apply to Case Study 15-1.
Include at least two citations and references in your initial discussion posting. Use APA format. Respond to a minimum of two other classmates regarding their post. Your responses to peers should be substantial. Substantial postings are more than just saying “I agree.” Substantial postings add to the point made, provide more information, ask a probing question, or share an experience. End your initial posting with a question to your classmates to further discussion on the topic. Also, see the discussion grading rubric. Read ANA Public Health Nursing Scope and standard p1-26 Links View video LinksEach initial discussion posting should end with a question related to the topic to stimulate further
The initial posting must include at least two APA citations and references.
Requirements: 1.5 pages