Short Paper 2 (Instructions)Please write 2,200 words comparing the Rawls and the

Short Paper 2 (Instructions)Please write 2,200 words comparing the Rawls and the Nozick selections. Your paper should clearly lay out the objections to Rawls’ position that Nozick offers, and whether these objections are enough to discount Rawls in part or entirely.Your thesis should clearly state whose arguments are more compelling.
Your main points should offer the reasoning behind your choice. Give examples of the arguments that each side presents here, and why one wins over the other.
Specifically, include a discussion of Rawls’ original position and the outcomes he forsees. For Nozick, include a discussion of the entitlement theory, historical time-slice arguments and how liberty upsets patterns.
Do not include an abstract.
Please cite both Rawls and Nozick. No additional sources are required for this paper, but any sources you consult should be included in your reference page and cited in-text where appropriate. (I have attached the necessary reading)
Please use APA style, including in-text citation and a reference page. Reference the attached readings that I have included in the posting.-Do not overly use in-text references-Please make the paper look professional (Included in this post are the strict instructions for the paper, along with the APA template which must be used and the reading which must be referenced)
Requirements: 2,200   |   .doc file