Topic details:Project PurposeIn Canada, student cell phone plans are becoming mo

Topic details:Project PurposeIn Canada, student cell phone plans are becoming more common. Because of this advantage, our team has decided to provide a mobile plan with TELUS to help national and international students in their studies. Therefore we decided to include six applications such as Grammarly, a cloud-based writing assistant that verifies spelling, grammar, punctuation, clarity, engagement, and delivery errors across platforms, YouTube, a social media and video sharing platform, Microsoft 365 Office, a productivity cloud is designed to help you achieve more at work and life with innovative Office applications, smart cloud services, and world-class security, Google Library, to access journals, books, and academic sources, LinkedIn to connect professionals from around the world and Zoom to video conferencing and discussions with delegates, friends, and colleagues from around the world.Measurable Project Objectives and Related Success CriteriaHigh-level requirementsFor the customer to be satisfied, the 1st requirement is packaging price. Packaging prices have to be subsided. This is because students are in school, they do not work and have no money. Another essential apps are Grammarly to correct student’s grammar. MS 365 for organizing and presentation of academic work. Which is relevant to their field (Blincoe et al., 2019). The student has to have a gadget that can support up to 10 GB of storage. The messaging application helps the student interact with other colleagues. The client for this case is a student pursuing any course in college or university. All the student has to do is subscribe to the package and have a gadget that supports files that can exceed 10 GB. High-level project boundaries and key deliverables.The business project intends to create a project in the form of a package that incorporates apps that have students’ needs at a reduced price. The initial plan did not consider client needs; students and had poor pricing.Overall project risksSummary milestone schedulePreapproved Financial ResourcePlan Details:Plan name: TELUS PrimeRate: $100/yearPay plan: Post-paidNetwork: 5GApplications provided: 6Day Minutes: UnlimitedEvening Minutes: UnlimitedText Messages: UnlimitedData Plan: 10 GB (after limit 512kb/sec)Activation Fee: $0 Project Approval RequirementsThe success of creating an affordable phone plan for students depends on the services of the apps, meeting the customer’s briefs, Meeting the business goals, contributing positively to the organization workflow, delivering on schedule and within budget.The phone plan of student apps affordability is approved successfully and signed off by a set of people interested in the project outcome, including internal and external stakeholders, project sponsors/owners, and key internal executives.Acceptance criteria involve the confirmation of the student’s acceptance of the phone student apps affordability offered by the company. Scenario-oriented acceptance criteria can be used in analysing the confirmation process by handling the need for affordable student phone apps conditions, when and how to take any action, then expect a result.Project Exit CriteriaThe project of creating an affordable phone app plan for students closed after; transfer of deliverables formally to the relevant and functional stakeholders, confirmation of project completion, for example, if it has achieved the objectives and goals, and review documentation such as project files, plans, and assumptions to enhance clarity, project review to avoid the project’s existing and future risk, archiving documentation for future reference.Creating an affordable phone app plan for students can be cancelled due to the project’s assumptions changing and if it has not met the objectives. The project manager uses the questionnaires, the question, and answer method, to collect information from relevant stakeholders regarding the project cancellation and analysing through surveys.we need to specify what market, operational, etc risks and the level of risks, and also we need to identify what is the solution for that risk. Some example images are attached.QUESTIONS TO BE ANSWERED 1.0 Risk Response Plan – At least 15 to maximum 20 potential risks to be identified for risk response plan.Risk ID#Risk DescriptionRisk CauseLikelihood (1-10)Severity (1-10)Difficulty of Early Detection (1-10)Total RPNResponse StrategyJustification for Response Strategy2.0 Failure Response Plan – same risks as identified in Risk response plan in section 1.0Risk ID#Risk DescriptionResponse StrategyRisk OwnerTrigger SignalContingency Plan
Requirements: Answers in tabular form