Write a narration essay of no fewer than 500 words on one of the topics from the

Write a narration essay of no fewer than 500 words on one of the topics from the list provided below . Although narratives serve a variety of purposes the most successful ones usually share three basic characteristics: they are clearly organized in time make a central point and contain specific details relevant to that point. Narration is one of the most common types of professional writing and it seeks to answer the basic question What happened? The main goal of narration is to tell a story. 1. Type of essay: Narrative. 2. Select one of the following topics: 1. My Favorite Vacation with My Family 2. A Birthday Celebration I Will Never Forget 3. My First Day at a New School 4. An Unforgettable Day in My Life. 3. The essay should have five (5) paragraphs and no fewer than 500 words. 4. Format: MLA (the format is attached below these instructions). Choose your essay structure carefully. Avoid including details that do not serve to advance or complete your narration. I expect your essay to contain a strong introduction that includes your “essays thesis a coherent and focused body that effectively transitions from paragraph to” paragraph and a rich conclusion that provides closure for your narration. Use all the resources you have available to complete this exam. Refer to your textbook for strategies and tips on student writing. I strongly recommend that you read chapter 9 to refresh your knowledge of the narration mode. *I will only accept up to 5% of similarity. I will deduct 1 point for each percentage above 5%. You will be allowed to submit your essay multiple times; only the last submission will be kept and graded.