Write a proposal that describes the text you will analyze for the Analysis Essay

Write a proposal that describes the text you will analyze for the Analysis Essay and outlines your plan for completing the analysis. Assignment Now that youve done some invention work and received feedback on your initial choices for this project you willdevelop a formal proposal that describes the plans you will use for the Analysis Essay assignment. Thisproposal should begin by naming the text you want to analyze. It should then explain why you find the text relevant to a specific issue that affects the community you have decided to write about. Justify your response: why is this a good text to analyze? How does breaking down the text help an audience understand the issue that is affecting the community? Finally the proposal should discuss the most important terms you will use to explain how the text works and outline the writing strategies and rhetorical tools you plan to use in order to analyze the text. Look back at the sections on analysis and rhetorical tools in CEL Ch.6 (169-176) to help you articulate your response. From this proposal a reader should be able to understand that you are usingethical decision-making skillsto plan your analysis. In other words the proposal needs to show that you are thinking carefully about your own point of view and planning to remain even as you are analyzing a text that represents other perspectives. Length and Formatting Format: Typed double-spaced submitted as a word-processing document. 12 point text-weight font 1-inch margins. Length: 250 words words (approx. 1 page) Value: This project will be graded out of 20 possible points and will be be included in the Unit 3 grade for this course. Objectives Reiterating what was outlined above in this proposal you should Clearly articulate your choices about the issue you are choosing to write about as well as the communities to whom the issue matters. Demonstrate that you are thinking critically about the texts you have chosen to analyze Show that you understand how to use rhetorical tools and analytical strategies to break down the text and write about how it works. Explain how the text you are choosing to analyze relates to the issue and represents one or more communities invested in the issue Justify your decisions in choosing a text to analyze and focusing on the values of one or more particular communities. Example Sample Proposal The text that I am proposing to analyze is ˜Why I Wont Buy an Ipad by Cory Doctorow published on the BoingBoing website(Links to an external site.) in April 2010. In the text Doctorow effectively uses appeals to logos to achieve his goal of convincing people not to buy an Ipad. The issue at hand in this essay is serious. It is not just about whether consumers should purchase an iPad but also about Doctorows worries that Apple and other big corporations with enormous budgets are producing garbage products that water down technology and make it too easy to consume. The issue of how corporations use technologies to gain control over consumers remains important today. More specifically we are more concerned than ever with the issue of large technology companies controlling users purchasing habits through what Doctorow calls a technical and social infrastructure that privileges consumer likes over quality. As Doctorow himself notes(Links to an external site.) even ten years after the iPad initially came out Apple continues to lock out third parties from accessing and modifying their technology. Doctorow uses many writing strategies and rhetorical tools to appeal to his readers who are largely people interested in technology media and popular culture according to the BoingBoing website. Most important is his tone: he writes with a very playful tongue-in-cheek voice as a writer and makes the seriousness of Apples control over technology seem comically exaggerated. I plan to focus primarily on this use of tone in my analysis but also show how Doctorows use of metaphors as well as examples from popular culture (such as in his expression the Wal-Martization of technology) draw in an audience both emotionally and logically. I believe my biggest challenge will be to relate this article back to the larger issue of consumer capitalism since it will require me to read about how the sales and marketing of the iPad have changed since Doctorow wrote in 2010.