Write a research-based  exploring diversity, equity & inclusion programs in the

Write a research-based exploring diversity equity & inclusion programs in the workplace. Discuss benefits challenges recommendations and anything else regarding DEI in workplace that interests you. Support your points with information from resources. Required resources: Chapter 12 Corporate Accountability in a Diverse and Inclusive World in The WorldatWork Handbook of Total Rewards Articles linked under week 12 in uLearn Optional resources Any additional articles or other resources you find to support your points Fully cite all sources used (including within the text of the ) in either MLA or APA format. JWU APA manual:https://pvd.library.jwu.edu/apa_manual JWU MLA manual:https://pvd.library.jwu.edu/mla_manual JWU Writing Lab (writing support through the Academic Success Center)https://sites.jwu.edu/academic-success/writing-lab.html Length: 500-750 words