write a research paper you are expected to design conduct a research project and

write a research paper you are expected to design conduct a research project and present your finding in journal article style paper A working bibliography is the initial list of books and journal articles you plan to read for your literature review. Through library research you should compile 5 sources that appear to be most relevant to your topic. . Your references must be scholarly sources (i.e. journal articles or academic books) and the bibliography must follow APA style. step 1: LITERATURE REVIEWS WITH REFERENCE LIST Literature reviews provide an overview of the existing studies on your topic that will situate your own research questions in the field. Literature reviews show how you have arrived at the research questions you are investigating in this study. I expect you to present critical summaries of major issues/questions relevant to your research topic and provide a justification for your research questions/hypotheses. As you review existing studies try to identify any voids (issues not yet investigated) debates among scholars conflicting theoretical claims ways to apply existing studies to different settings/populations and needs for new data. Once you identify some of these you will be able to construct your own research questions that will address these needs. Your literature reviews should end with a list of your research questions/hypotheses. Include in this assignment 1) a descriptive title 2) a draft of introduction (Remember the introduction of the paper should always be revised after you complete the paper) 3) reviews of existing studies and 4) a list of your research questions or hypotheses you are investigating in your field research. 10 pages are expected. Step 2: METHODS PROPOSAL AND QUESTIONNAIRE (PART I) and IRB FORM AND QUESTIONNAIRE/INTERVIEW GUIDES Part I: Methodological proposal is a 3 page description of the methodological design of your research. The main contents of the methods proposal include sampling strategy data collection methods variables/measures and limitations of the methods. step 3: FIRST DRAFT OF THE FINAL PAPER You will put together the works you have worked in segment into a draft of the whole paper. The purpose of submitting first draft is to receive my feedback for the completion of the paper. This is a very important process that will greatly improve the quality of your final paper. The first draft of the final paper must have 1) a descriptive title 2) introduction 3) complete literature reviews 4) complete methods sections (NOTE: Methods section is the report of how you conducted your research. Therefore methods section should be written in the past tense) and 5) a draft of your findings and theoretical discussions. This draft must have at least 85% of the contents of your final paper Title page Abstract (Between 100- words) Introduction Review of the literature Methodology Data Results Discussion Policy Implications Conclusion List of references (in APA style format)