Write a response to one topic (listed below) of your choice. Your response must:

Write a response to one topic (listed below) of your choice. Your response must: Discuss only one of the topics listed below. Includeat leasttwo sources from in-class texts (lectures readings etc) to support your argument. Feel free to use more than two sources. For this assignment you do not need a Works Cited Page. Refer to any in-class discussions films readings or lectures to support your responses. Be minimum ofthree pages double spaced (not including header name etc). Be in 12 point font with one inch margins Be in pdf doc or docx format NOT include outside research. This is not a research paper! It is meant to tie together class content (videos lectures readings etc). TOPICS (Choose one). Please discuss one of the following topics: Discuss anthropological approaches to gender and sexuality. More specifically explain the implications that gender is a cultural construction. How do gender roles vary among cultures? How have gender ideologies created inequalities? Cite the filmAravani GirlorKliegmans article Idaho Banned Trans Athletes From Womens Sports in your response. Explain the non-ethnocentric view of marriage. What kinds of marriages exist around the world and why? What are the reasons anthropologists give for the existence of various marriages and the evolution of arranged marriages? Please refer to polyandry polygyny polygamy arranged marriage or any other marriages applicable to your answer. Cite Serena Nandas article Arranging a Marriage in India  in your response. How has social stratification increased with industrialization as an adaptive strategy? How has the COVID-19 outbreak intensified this issue and how are they related? Cite Donaldson COVID-19 (In)Visible Mothers and the State  in your response. What is the difference between race and ethnicity? Explain why anthropologists view race as a social construct. How can perceptions of race differ in different places around the world? Cite the film Race: the Power of an Illusion in your response.